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Pre-planning a funeral does not preclude options. In fact, letting your wishes be known to family and friends ensures that your wishes will be met.  Pre-planning will protect you from rising future costs, and as a result, your funeral will not be a financial burden on your loved ones. Be assured that traditional funerals as well as memorialized cremation are equally satisfying to those in attendance in their quest for comfort and closure. Beyond a personal or religious preference, many find cremation to be simpler, less expensive, and ecologically sound.

Consider the following as you make a decision regarding cremation.

  • Your cremation decision and pre-planning will keep your family from being pressured to overspend at a time of great emotional upheaval.
  • Cremation alleviates the cost of vaults, caskets, cemetery space, markers and more.
  • Cremation with a Memorial Service can and will be just as satisfying as a traditional funeral.
  • Cremation Memorials allow you to choose funeral rites that have meaning to your family.
  • Lastly, for many families, cremation just makes sense and saves dollars and cents.

We are all about providing you with a caring approach to funeral services in your time of need, and we promise to save you money with flexible payment options available. That’s our guarantee and we stand behind it. Berg Mortuary offers service with dignity and solace for all.

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